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Turn the River
Jesse Eisenberg, Emile Hirsch & Diane Kruger To Star In Chris Eigeman's 'Midnight Sun'; Indiewire; February 7, 2013
Abbey Road; Salon; June 7, 2012
Thompson On Hollywood; Indiewire; June 20, 2011
Filmmakers Chris Eigeman, Eric Morris Win Alfred P. Sloan Grant; The Hollywood Reporter; June 19, 2011
Thomas Wolfe; Home again with Thomas Wolfe; December 8, 2010
Screen Media gets 'Turn The River': Janssen stars in high-stakes pool drama;
Variety; February 6, 2008
'90s Boy Grows Up: Chris Eigeman, Whit Stillman's and Noah Baumbach's proxy, hits adulthood; New York Observer; October 16, 2007
Turn the River; Variety; November 7, 2007
River to the Hamptons: Actor-director Chris Eigeman on his upcoming fest premiere and finding Famke Janssen's inner pool shark; The Reeler; October 18, 2007
Midnight Sun
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